Truth Decay

by Skylerwhite

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All songs written by Skylerwhite.
Album art by Skylerwhite.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by the legend Tom Sigal at his pad in inner Sydney.


released December 19, 2015

Kevin James Todd - vocals
Jayden - guitar
Dave - bass/backing vocals
Tom - drums/beard



all rights reserved


Skylerwhite Kiama, Australia

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Track Name: Dead Meat
Forced into a way of life,
That makes us slaves and steals our pride.
It's no wonder the youth want to die,
When we're taught to close our minds.

Consumerism is our way of life,
But what we need money cannot buy.
Apathy becomes a way to cope but,
Nothing's gonna change if the youth don't give a fuck.
Track Name: Under The Thumb
Under the thumb
of the corrupt,
The elected few
but they don’t stand for us.

Shifting the blame,
Spreading the hate,
To make us fear all
of the ghosts they create.

Spitting lies from their putrid lips,
Another crown for another new king.
We are manipulated every day,
Trapped in a system built on decay.

Standing by unaccountable
Authoritarian and uncontrollable
Behind the guise of democracy
Say they fight for "freedom"
while they steal our liberties.

They don’t stand for us,
Morally bankrupt.
When will we speak up
If they won’t speak for us?
More money for power,
no matter the cost.
What should we do
When They betray our trust?

The time has come
To stand up.
Track Name: The Shift
Have they done enough yet,
to earn their agency and respect?
The more they speak up,
The more eager we are to dismiss.
'Cause i regret many things I’ve said,
I’ve been a part of problem,
Now I’m a part of the shift.
Cause it was all out of ignorance,

And I’m trying to make up for it.

No longer will I stand by,
Can’t look our mothers in the eye,
Cause it’s a losing battle,
When there shouldn’t be a fight.

While you laugh it off,
Another woman's been raped
and then told it’s her fault.
And she'll work free for two months of the year,
And she can't walk the streets alone without fear.

And not every story's the same,
But enough is enough
Time to make a change.
I'll take my share of the blame,
Until we can all feel safe
at any time, in any place.

I've been a part of the problem
Now I'll be a part of the shift.
Track Name: Blind
Your mind is a haggard sponge,
absorbing and accepting all you see.
Brain washed by your fucking TV,
ignorance becomes your gospel
and you preach it to me.

If you opened your eyes you’d see,
That we’re all human
and we all bleed.
But there’s no bombs falling on your head.
Your freedom's a right you're not willing to share.

You’ve tunnel vision,
a focus for your hate.
You’re locked on target
and you won’t be swayed.
The fire grows stronger with each day,
But it has no ability to affect change.

Every human on this planet
looks the same on the inside,
If you’d open your eyes
you’d see your hate is blind

Your views are so backwards
and rooted in fear.
Your racist attitudes have no place here.
Empathy can’t be achieved through war,
call yourself a patriot?
What are you fighting for?

If you opened your eyes you’d see
That we are all human
and we all bleed.
But there’s no bombs falling on our heads.
It’s all about money, can’t you understand?.

If you opened your eyes you’d see
that we are all human and we all bleed.
If you’d only open your eyes,
you’d see your hate is blind.