Brain Dead

by Skylerwhite

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Sigal at Broe Ave Studios, Sydney.


released May 30, 2015

All songs by Skylerwhite.

Kevin Todd - lead vocals
David Vanags - bass, backing vocals
Jayden McComiskie - guitar
Tom Vanags - drums

Guest vocals on Plastic by Kyle Masters of Final Frontier.



all rights reserved


Skylerwhite Kiama, Australia

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Track Name: Crutches
Walk through the night,
Turn your back on the sun,
Liquid courage
And your hand’s on the gun.

A bitter self, not picture of health.
When vanity determines your wealth.
Another pill, another shot,
Another night, your life’s lost.
Sit around, and waste the day,
Destroy your mind as your youth decays.
Sit around and waste the day,
And all the while you take it out on me.

I’m not your crutch motherfucker.

I’ll forget what you fucking said,
The matter’s time and you’re out of it.
No more chances, no more forgiveness,
Not out of site, you’re out of mind.

You’re out of your mind.
Track Name: Waste
Same mistakes every day,
It seems I’ll never change.
Same regrets every year,
All this time, now one thing’s clear.

I’ve never felt so alone,
I waste my fucking life looking for a place to call home.
Waking up to the bad news,
No matter where I go, I’m fucking doomed.

Destined for nothing, aimless, I’ll take the blame.
Thinking of quitting, but I can’t take the shame.
Hollow friends waste my time
Tear at my cold heart.
You can all take your seats and watch me fall apart.
Track Name: Plastic
Brain dead plastic,
Peace signs and pouted lips.
Brain dead plastic,
Ego-tripping narcissist.
Brain dead plastic,
Living through a fucking lens.
Brain dead plastic,
All likes but you’ve got no friends.

Broken and heartless,
you’re just another clone.
Forever smiling,
but always alone.

There’s nothing you can fucking do,
You’re the only one of us who’s got something to prove.

I’ve watched you let your life pass you by,
But now i realise you're all just dead inside.

Dead inside.
Track Name: Hard Boiled Fuckwit
It's such a shame that they can't feel safe,
In the place they were born and raised.
Every night out just a chance they take,
Hoping they don't misplace their faith.

They swore an oath to protect but,
They never earned their respect cause,
They work within a power trip,
Sanctioned by the government.

Imagine being beaten to death,
While your parents wept.
No justice for you,
There's just no avenue.
When the corrupt system tried to hide the truth,
There's just no hope for you.
No hope for me,
No hope for us.

And lucky me to not be a minority,
I can only imagine the anxiety,
That befalls these people beside of me.

Imagine being shot in the back,
By a killer with a badge.
6 rounds to the fucking head,
He calls it self defence.
And they get away with it
Every single time,
There's only law on one side
Of the thin blue line.

In their police state
How could they feel safe?
In their police state
That just promotes hate.